Sebastiano Resort

“Sebastiano Resort” is located in the tourist village of “Lezhe Island”. The nearest airport is Tirana International Airport,
Mother Teresa Airport, 37 km from the accommodation. The hotel is located about 2.5 km from the beach, in the
middle of natural park “Kune-Vain-Tale”. It is surrounded by small streams and rivers. The nearest town is
Lezha, with about 29,000 inhabitants, located in the north of Albania, only 3 minutes away by car from the hotel.

Opportunity for Excursion

Skanderbeg Mausoleum

The Skenderbeg Mausoleum is located in the middle of the city of Lezha. Gjergj Kastrioti, called Skenderbeg, was a prince of Albanian nobility. He was born on May 6, 1405 and died on January 17, 1468. Skanderbeg is considered a national hero.

Lezha Castle

A fortress from Illyrian times, probably from the 8th century BC, dominates the city of Lezha. It was rebuilt in 1440 by the Venetians. After the conquest by the Ottoman Empire, the castle was structurally adapted to Ottoman culture in 1522. In the years 1515 – 1521 the fortress was renovated by Sultan Suleiman I. The steep hill offers a panoramic view of the city, mountains and the Adriatic coast.

Shengjin City

Shengjini is a small port city with a seaside resort. Families are very welcome here. In addition to the beach and the sea, Shengjin offers many restaurants, hotels and shopping opportunities.

Opportunity for Exploring the Lagoon by Bicycle

Kune-Vain-Tale Nature Park was established in 2010 and covers a total area of 43 square kilometers. It consists of about 100 hectares of lagoons,
swamps and brackish water, 180 hectares of forest and 500 hectares of high quality sandy beach.

Sebastiano Resort


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